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John Travolta’s Dogs Killed in Airport Accident

You may or may not have already heard that John Travolta recently lost his dogs to an accident at the airport.

According to an article from ABC News, “Travolta and his family landed at the airport well before dawn May 13, and an unidentified person who was not a member of the Travolta family but ‘a liaison’ for them took the two dogs for a walk. A pickup truck driven by an airport employee was approaching the aircraft when it apparently struck and killed the animals.”

It is very tragic that the family has to go through these tough times of losing not one, but two beloved pets.

There seem to be many debacles including pets and airplanes lately. When traveling with pets, take all safety precautions such as carrying smaller pets on board the plane with you, or opting to drive rather than fly. You might also look into reputable pet relocation services.


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