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Lovable? CHECK! Cute? CHECK! Friendly?… oy vey

This morning when taking Misty & Waylon for their morning walks we came across a lady in our complex walking her dog (a much bigger dog than Waylon & Misty combined) and again Waylon starts barking uncontrollably and lunging at this dog. Of course the dog didn’t mind & when it got closer Waylon just smelled it and jumped on it playfully and went about his merry little way.

He really is harmless, he just doesn’t come across that way & it worries me that one day he’s going to bark and run toward something or someone and break off his leash and I’m not gonna be able to stop him, or one day he’s going to run across a dog that isn’t very friendly. I really don’t know what to do. Of course the whole time Misty was just running circles around my legs tangling me up.

I was worried so as soon as I came in I decided to do some research & I came across this page in Trupanion’s breed guide for Pekingese. Now Waylon is a Pekingese/Poodle mix, but there’s no information on the mixed breeds (or a poodle for that matter, which I thought was odd, they seem to be a popular breed)* and he definitely has the characteristics of a pekingese. So should I be too concerned with his behavior?

Misty on the other hand. Bless her heart is all I can really say about her. She gets terrified of everything! In a panic to find safety she’ll start running to the nearest tree to hide behind or run between my legs and around in circles & I’m nearly falling and killing myself just to get to her. A car door can slam and she goes in to a panic.

My wife always wanted to put bows in Waylon’s hair, her defense was “but they’re blue!”. So I knew immediately after getting Waylon we would eventually have to get her a small female dog that she could play dress up with. In November we saw a posting on Craigslist & immediately fell in love. I drove for hours to a whole other state just to get her. But she’s worth every second of it.

She’s not shy in the house around myself, my wife, or Waylon but when we have a visitor or I’m walking her and we encounter other people she runs to the nearest object she can hide behind and waits until they leave.

Both my dogs are polar opposite and I would love for Misty to come out of her shell more and I would really love for Waylon to go back into his just a little bit.

Any suggestions?

*Editors note: Breed guide for Poodle exists under the name “Standard Poodle“.

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