porky hurt

I love trouble.  Not the bad kind just the kind that drives my mom crazy.  I like to take my puppy with me.  I find a way out of the yard, I can open gates, I find spots to dig out.   Eventually my mom finds my spots and my crazy adventures get diverted but this week I went on the adventure of my life.  We went to the beach and it was awesome.  I ran my kids and puppy until they passed out.  I went into the backyard and found a way under the fence.  While mom was in the shower it was time for me to run into the tree’s behind me.  I hear “Born to be wild” in my head as I run.  Miss Piggy was trying to keep up but have you seen an English Bulldog run before?  I think turtles move faster!  Well, I was being so crazy before I knew it I ran straight into an animal I’d never seen before.  Of course I love everyone so I said hi.  Before I knew it he hurt me really bad.  I ran back to Mom with Piggy behind me.

When my mom saw me she started crying.  I didn’t really understand.  She threw me back into the car and off to the vet we went.   We have Trupanion but thankfully I didn’t need stitches or anything.  I can tell you something I’ve learned.  I’m never running out of the yard again.  Whatever that animal was I will leave it alone!  It barely missed my eye and my mom cried for hours.  Moms!  My eye is fine now and I’m as handsome as ever!

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2 Responses to Ouch!

  1. Shelly says:

    OH MY LORD! i’m soooo sorry! this is HORRIBLE!! thank God Porky is okay!!

  2. Jen says:

    Poor lil guy! :( I hope he heals up soon and doesn’t have to encounter any more animals that can hurt him.

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