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Parking or Walking

I take care of some of the facilities details here at Trupanion.  (In the interest of good taste, I’ll proffer no details as to how often that entails dealing with various types of waste:  we are a pet insurance company, with nearly as many dogs coming to work as people.)  Our office building is perfect for bringing in our dogs, though we could use more space, but what we really lack is parking.  A few lucky of us live close enough to the office to walk to work, which is also lucky for their dogs.  (Also for workmates nearby, since the dogs come in with some of their nervous energy burned off.  They can have a quick romp with their dog friends–the equivalent of “Hi” at the coffee pot–and settle in.)  The rest of us have a driving commute.  It keeps us prompt, because arriving late means a hunt for parking.  And leaving for lunch is a game of musical parking spaces, because empty parking spots don’t last long.

A bike rack is probably in our future.  I hope our cyclists with dogs are used to their animals running alongside, and that it doesn’t result in employee claims for bike-related pet injuries!

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