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Pet Health Concern: Amyloidosis

Present in humans and pets, amyloidosis displays itself in many forms. Amyloidosis is a condition that affects the amyloid protein in a variety of bodily tissues and organs, leading to organ dysfunction.  Most commonly seen is renal amyloidosis, which occurs in the kidneys and is typically hereditary.  Chronic infections are also a probable cause of renal amyloidosis and overall symptoms of this condition include swelling of the limbs, weight loss, excessive thirst and urination.

Amyloidosis is diagnosed via biopsy and there is no current treatment for it. Although there may not be a direct treatment available for this condition, there are ways to decrease or stop the secretion of the amyloid protein by using medication or by treating other symptoms that may have caused the disease.

For further information about amyloidosis in cats and dogs, check out our Pet Health Concern Guide and see why Trupanion pet insurance may be right for you and your pet.

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