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Pet Health Concerns: Ataxia

Ataxia, most commonly known as cerebellar ataxia, is a non-specific medical term that describes the lack of muscle coordination and movement. Ataxia can result from a variety of reasons, including seizures, toxins, trauma, and other infectious agents.

This vestibular disease may develop in various forms, including cerebellar ataxia, sensory ataxia, and vestibular ataxia. Cerebellar ataxia affects the portion of the brain that controls balance, which may cause  symptoms such as balance problems, coordination difficulties, staggering gait, tripping, falling, collapsing, joint buckling, and wobbliness. This inherited and progressive brain disease can be diagnosed in pets as young as two to four weeks of age. Primary symptoms in young pets are shaking, head bobbing, difficulty standing, and falling, later progressing into more serious coordination problems. Unfortunately, there is no current cure for this condition.

For further information about ataxia in pets, check out our Pet Health Concern Guide and see why Trupanion pet insurance may be right for you and your pet, in case your pet may obtain an injury as a result of this hereditary condition.

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