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Cruciate Ligament Tear Dog or Cat Pet Insurance claim – Trupanion

Every week when I’m looking for a claim of the week to write about, I see at least a few claims for cruciate ligament repairs, and these fall among the more expensive claims that we pay. Seeing as they are quite common, I decided to feature one this week.

A torn cruciate ligament is an accidental injury that can happen to just about any animal. If left untreated, an animal with a torn cruciate ligament will experience lameness in that joint and have difficulty running and walking the way it used to. Commonly, animals will undergo TPLO surgery to repair the leg. You can learn more about the surgery and what it entails from a blogger’s personal experience on the Fun Times Guide.

Banner is a dog that is insured with Trupanion (fortunately!) and recently tore his right ACL while playing with another dog.

Pet insurance claim amount: $4,165.40
Deductible applied: $0.00
Exam fee: -$160.00
10% co-pay: -$400.54
Trupanion repaid: $3,604.86

Best to look into pet insurance in case of times like these– you never know if your dog is going to make the wrong step, twist its leg and wind up with a vet bill for over $3000 for cruciate ligament repair!

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