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Pet of the Week: Chester

Our Pet of the Week this week is Chester! Can you guess his breed? He is a Basset Hound and Retriever mix and you can notice the Basset Hound in his legs and ears and the Retriever shape of his head. 🙂

Chester is a young boy, about one year old and was recently adopted from a local Basset Hound rescue organization.

This happy pup loves to cuddle and give kisses. He also loves getting scratched behind the ears and sleeping curled up against one of his favorite humans.

He is friendly, and in his owner’s words, enjoys “bothering (umm, I mean playing with) his older sister, Annie”. He is full of energy and loves to run and explore at the dog park. Despite his short legs, he is quite the jumper and can be found on top of the picnic table or hot tub outside!

Chester has a few mischievous habits as well. These include finding socks and carrying them around the house, and also taking various items (such as remote controls, shoes, and other things) outside through his doggie door. His owners are often finding their missing items in the backyard!

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