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Pet Travel Tips: By Car

Summer is only weeks away and many of us are marking our calendars for special road-trips to visit family, friends, and fun places! Traveling with your pet can be very fun, however it is important to plan ahead and pack accordingly. Many dogs make great traveling companions and they may even enjoy it just as much as us humans do, if not more. Here are a few tips if you plan on traveling with your cat or dog by car this summer:

-Keep your pet hydrated: Make sure to keep some water in the car in case it gets too warm and during pit stops, give your pet some fresh water to keep them hydrated.

-Make frequent stops: Bathroom and exercise breaks are important. Many service areas and pit stops have designated pet areas where they can go about their business and have some room to run around.

-Use safety harnesses/crates/kennels: Practice safety while traveling by car so that your pet is not tossed around and is safe. Most pet stores carry pet seat-belt harnesses that are affordable and comfortable for your pet. In case of an accident, your pet will be protected with a seat-belt harness, just like you are protected by wearing yours. Some states, such as California, require that all human and animal passengers wear seat-belts, and if not abiding to those laws, fines may be administered.

-Important things to pack: food, medicine (if applicable), treats, toys, bags (to pick up waste), leash, water bowl, pet identification, dog bed/blanket.

Do you travel with your pet? Do you have any recommendations, comments, experiences? If so, please share them with us! Have fun and we wish you safe travels this summer!

Next weekend, check out our next Trupanion Pet Travel Tips blog; Traveling By Air!

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  3. Florrie Smead says:

    Good info here. I am still looking for more information on travel tips and would very much appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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