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playin’ in a travelin’ band

As I mentioned in my last blog,Misty, doing what she does best my dogs are travelin’ dogs. I always take them everywhere I go. Last summer we went to the beach and it was so difficult to find a hotel that allowed pets that I wasn’t afraid I would be stabbed in the shower if we stayed there. We have a vacation planned in July and we were thinking about taking our dogs to a pet hotel here in Lexington. I’m not sure if I can go a week without them, so more than likely we’ll change our mind. Not to mention I’m kind of worried they’ll think we’re abandoning them and I’ll be so concerned with how they are the entire time and really won’t be able to enjoy myself anyway.

I’m sure Misty will sleep through it like it’s nothing, but when Waylon gets scared or lonely he whines a lot and I really don’t want him to be doing that for a whole week. Call me crazy if you’d like, but my dogs are like my kids and I would seriously die for them. (Which is kinda strange because then I’d be freaking out wondering if their new owner is taking as good care of them as I would..)

throw the ball already!
throw the ball already!

Waylon loves to play fetch like ten times a day & I called one of the hotels and they said if we would like them to play with the animals it costs extra… which is insane, in my opinion…  I understand that there are lots of animals at this hotel but animals aren’t like people, they don’t have a voice. And I know all the southern baptists here in Kentucky believe animals don’t have souls; my beliefs aren’t really relevant, but animals do have souls and animals do have feelings. They need more than food and water and I’m not so sure I feel comfortable leaving my dogs some place that only take them out to the bathroom twice a day (do you only go to the restroom twice a day? Because I don’t and neither do my dogs!)

Now there are more here in town, that’s just the only one I’ve looked into as thoroughly as I did. Some were more of kennels, and I can’t allow my dogs to stay in a concrete & chain-link room for a week, so that one is definitely out of the question. I’ll more than likely end up taking them with us, we’ll see.

Any advice? Any of you all have experience with pet hotels? Did your dogs seem to like it? Would you do it again?

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