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Pool Party…Not!

So here in lovely New Jersey, we’re having a mini heat wave.

Fiona can’t take the heat. She runs to the first hint of shade she can find and promptly rests on her side.

Finn handles the heat much better. He’ll trot alongside as I mow the lawn or tend to the garden, despite whatever the thermometer says.

So I thought, “Let’s have some puppy fun!” I bought one of those blow-up baby pools (had to go to three stores to find the thing).

Lifeguards on duty: Finn and Fiona "saving" their new toy.

The Kerries were interested as I started to blow it up. Out came the hose. They became even more interested. The pool was finished and ready for lots of puppy play. And then…

Nothing. They walked away disinterested. Not even a paw placed inside. Not even a tiny slurp of the sparkling water.

I brought out their new toy I bought especially for playing in the water: the sea horse. SPLASH! Mr. Sea horse landed in the pool. The Kerries’ ears perked up. Finn and Fiona ran poolside and promptly acted as doggie lifeguards, saving their new toy from the wild waves. And then…

They walked away again.

Oh well. That was the fastest $14.95 I’ve ever spent and lost. I guess the Kerries are destined to be landlubbers.

Any dogs out there who actually enjoy the water?

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