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Sleepy Pets Contest – Honorable Mentions

We want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who posted those adorable sleeping pet pictures on Facebook.

Some of us, including myself, looked at every single photo (some more than just once) and practically said “aww!” aloud to each and every one! (Our surrounding co-workers are wondering what it is we’ve been looking at all week)

So, though every photo was just so cute (I can’t help it, being a huge pet lover I just think all pets are perfect) there isn’t quite enough room to post all 100+ pictures on this blog post. We’re just going to feature the staff favorites (and it was still really difficult to choose), but you can see all of them here.

Bentley having sweet dreams -Stacey B.
Tucker sprawled out of his bed -Melissa V.
Rocko is sleeping with a 'mouse' -Stella C.
Dolce is just so tired! -Linda R.
Maggie May is one tired puppy -Danielle F.

Thanks everyone and stick around for next week’s giveaway – Match the dog with the human!

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