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The Door Stop Monster & The Poodle Cat?

Waylon & Misty

Sometimes when I play fetch with my dogs, I convince myself I should have been in the NBA. Why is it that no matter how many times you try you can never pull of a feat so incredible as when you do when you play fetch with your dog.

I can get that tennis ball to land perfectly into a shoe from the end of the hall. That 5 inch wide space between the door & the wall; nail it every time. Now granted I don’t go throwing tennis balls around the house making this effort unless I’m playing fetch with Waylon & Misty, but I’d put money on it that I wouldn’t be able to do it any other time of the day.

I’m always having to get up from my recliner or the bed to go fetch it myself too. My dogs are such little scaredy cats… I never understand that term, I’ve never met a fearful cat. They hiss & scratch at everything, those things are fearless… but I’m getting off topic, Waylon & Misty aren’t cats…

They’ll watch the ball go straight into a boot by the door but that tall brown leather object just scares them to death! They don’t dare make the effort to push the boot over and let the ball roll out. They stand there and bark and jump at it continuously as if its some monster that kidnapped their favorite toy. They’re afraid of the doorstop as well, only the doorstop fights back so it’s far more hilarious to watch.

I have the coiled spring doorstops at the bottom of the walls behind every door in my apartment & as I said, I’m a professional when playing fetch. I get that tennis ball to magically shrink into small spaces it could never normally fit into. Unlike the boot, they’ll put forth an effort to push the door closed to get behind it, it’s when they step on the coiled doorstop and make it spring back into place that they’ve seen a ghost. Misty does this little pounce, kind of like a tiger cub pouncing on its prey… or any other cat for that matter..  & Waylon will start pawing at the doorstop… again like a cat… hrmm…  and they end up forgetting all about the ball behind the door and become more fascinated with the doorstop itself.

Seeing it first hand is far more funny than any words can describe, however, attempting to explain it, I think I’ve discovered the meaning behind this term “scaredy-cat.”

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