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They live here too

What really gets on my nerves is when someone comes to visit me then complains about my dogs. They live here! You don’t! No, I will not yell at  my dog to get down off the couch while you’re sitting there eating, take your plate and go to the table! No, I will not yell at my dog for pawing at your legs, he wants attention, he’s a dog! That’s what dog’s do.

I have a friend who likes to come over between classes and she always complains about our dogs. Despite his hair dragging the ground, Waylon surprisingly doesn’t shed very bad and it kills me when someone says “you’re gonna get dog hair all over me!”

My brother-in-law is the same way. He always stares at my dogs and keeps his distance. He doesn’t even sit down when he comes for a visit. He stands there and stares at them like they are a foreign object.

And little kids are the worst! I have a few friends with kids and they always want to play with my dogs and thats no big deal, except the kids are like 2 so they’re more like Elmyra from Tiny Toons and they just want to hug them and squeeze them and pull their tails, and when you pull his hair Waylon really does get mean. His bark turns into a bite when you’re pulling his hair and his tail, but rightfully so, he’s feeling pain. Am I right? Sometimes when their kids come over I’m just like… Lord, having a dog is so much easier. I can cage my dogs and not go to prison! You’re stuck with that kid!… Now granted I never cage my dogs, they live here, I just pay the bills. I don’t have a say so in anything that goes on around here, they run this place.

My dogs live here, you don’t. You’re welcome in my house anytime you feel like it but don’t expect me to put my dogs in their crate just to make your visit more comfortable. Its a package deal. You visit me, you visit them.

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