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When is the best time to buy dog insurance?

Frankie, a Trupanion insured puppy

This topic can be pretty debatable, but I’m going to give you my opinion on why I think getting dog insurance while your dog is younger is the best idea.

  • Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions (you will not find any pet insurer that will do this – unless it’s something that’s curable like a cold). Because of this, it’s best to get your dog in the door before they have any issues, that way you know that your he or she will be covered for just about everything for life.
  • With Trupanion, you get locked into the age rate that you signed up with, which means as your pet ages you will still continue to pay the same rate as newly enrolled pets that are at the age of which you first enrolled. Ok, that sounded kind of confusing, but it’s not, I swear. Say you enroll your Chocolate Lab at 10 months old. You will ALWAYS be paying our rates for 10 month old labs – even when your pup is 12 years old.Say you get insurance right after getting your 10 month old lab, Buster. Five years from now you see that your next door neighbor, Sally, gets a lab puppy and you rant and rave about Trupanion (cause who wouldn’t, obviously). So, Sally decides to get dog insurance for her now 10 month old lab. And, like magic, you’ll notice that both you and Sally are paying exactly the same rates (we’ll pretend that you guys also happened to choose the same deductible). Ok, I think I’ve hammered out that point.
  • Puppies get into trouble! If you’ve ever had a puppy, I don’t need to preach to you about how much trouble they can get into. Just like small children, everything is fun to chew on (and sometimes swallow) and frolicking in the back yard can sometimes mean tumbles and injuries.

Feel free to chime in, I’d love to hear what you think! (even if you disagree with me…)

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