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Why Cat Insurance?

The question should be rephrased to, why not cat insurance?

Have any of you ever had that scare where your kitten runs out in the middle of road, and as they are running, you see a big truck in the corner of your eye? Your heart skips a beat, hoping that truck driver sees your kitten. It’s too late for you to run out so all you can do is hold your breath and close your eyes, hoping for the best. It feels like an eternity has gone by the time you open your eyes. You scan for your cat’s remains, but lucky for you, your cat is safe across the street on the other side. A sign of relief comes out and you smile.

This moment can be terrifying and some of you may have had the opposite happen in this fictional example, but you can relate to how you would feel if something happen to your kitten, and you can stop it.  Although, cat insurance can’t bring your pet back to life, what it can do is help out with the vet bills.

Luckily Trupanion covers 90% of the vet bill minus vet fees and the deductible. Also, you are not restricted to go to a certain veterinarian. You are able to go anywhere where it is convenient to you.

Going back to the topic headliner, Why Cat Insurance? Cat insurance has many benefits. If your cat gets sick or injured after enrolling them with insurance, you are covered (as long as it wasn’t pre-existing). You also don’t have the stress as to how you are going to be able to pay for the unexpected vet bills.

If you don’t already have cat insurance, go to the home page (or if you are on the Blog page, click on the Get a Quote button in orange to the right) where you can do a free quote. There is no harm done. 🙂

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