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YO! Hold my poodle

So we took a little road trip this week down south because it was some relative’s prom day. Where I come from, there’s always a prom parade and it’s a matter of which student can make the better entrance. They arrive in electric truck buckets a hundred feet in the air, homemade floats, horse trailers.. etc. But this is more about Misty & Waylon’s greedy behavior and love for the drive, not about the prom.

Both want to sit in my lap on the drive and its not safe, for me or for them, so I usually don’t allow it, but they’re not really crate dogs. Its non stop barking when they’re caged up, so sometimes I make an exception. Misty is a lazy little thing and will sleep the whole way… as long as she has some place to rest her head. Misty JamesWaylon, not so much. He likes to watch the traffic which is a huge hazard because he can’t exactly see over the dash so I’m always making my passengers hold him, whether they like it or not… hey they get a free ride, don’t they? 

I always get nervous when I take my dogs to visit the family. I’m from a very small southeastern KY town where dogs live outside and people live inside and the doors always open and the dogs just come in and go out as they please, it’s no big deal. Well for me it is a big deal, because my dogs aren’t outside dogs. They’re leashed and only go out when they have to “go” & with people carelessly swinging the doors open. I’m trying to tell them, my dogs will probably run away! They’re not used to it! But my family and their.. how do you say, cultured upbringing.. that’ll do I guess, and their defense is “oh, they’s other dogs out thurr they aint a gonna go nowhurrs”.

Misty I’m not so worried about because, even though she won’t stop if you call her name, she’ll stop in about a minute and lay down. She really is that lazy. She’s darted out of our front door here before and by the time she gets to the bottom of the steps she stops for a nap. Waylon, he can go all day. I think I’m gonna take them to obedience school.

Anyone know if its very difficult to train an older dog? It has to be easier to get a dog to listen than it is to get an old southern hillbilly who “had to walk a mile in 5 foot of snow just to get to school” when they were my age.

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