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A Fido-Friendly Fourth of July

Fourth of July is coming up and the big, bad, booming sounds of fireworks are inevitable. What may be beautiful and awesome to us– is loud and scary to our pets.

Be sure to make your pets feel calm and safe this holiday weekend with a few simple tips, gathered from the Humane Society.

  • Don’t bring pets to firework viewings. Close proximity, loud noises, and excitement can be a recipe for disaster and stress for your pet.
  • Keep pets at home in a sheltered, quiet area. Consider leaving the television or radio on to provide soothing background sounds.
  • Leave a Kong toy filled with treats or favorite toys to keep your pet busy and distracted. For other tips, see our entry on separation anxiety.
  • Be sure your pets are wearing their ID tags in case they should run away out of fear and become lost.
  • Don’t coddle or try to soothe a nervous pet as it may actually reinforce the undesirable behavior.
  • If your pet becomes extremely distressed, consider consulting your veterinarian.

We wish you and yours a happy, safe Fourth of July weekend!

*Photo courtesy CostumeDogs.com.

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