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Cat Insurance for Some Scratchy Cats

As you may know cats can scratch you….either purposely or accidentally (hopefully). But have no fear – this is normal. One mistake many new cat owners often think is that they need to declaw their cat. This is a big NO. The reason you shouldn’t declaw your cat is because it is essential for their survival. Cats use their claws to defend themselves and for transportation (like climbing a tree). If you choose to declaw your cat, you will be putting your cat through pain with a chance of further complications. The procedure involves surgically removing the last joint of the toe. Can you imagine someone removing your last joint of your toe? OUCH!

I know we all may be irritated that our cat tends to scratch the things we find most valuable like our leather couches or our precious faces but it’s not like it is intentional! Lucky for us, there are scratching posts! These scratching post can help distract your little furry creatures from your valuables and your face.

Cat insurance with Trupanion does not cover declawing cats but it does cover if your pet gets sick or injured – which is way more important than declawing your cat.

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