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Does dog insurance cover hereditary and congenital disorders?

This is one of those topics that most pet owners aren’t even aware of: what are hereditary and congenital disorders? In short, hereditary issues are ones that are passed through breeding and congenital disorders are ones that are present at birth, but may not show symptoms until later in life. And more importantly, are these conditions covered in a dog insurance policy? Some companies exclude all of these conditions from coverage, and, unfortunately, they can get quite pricey. Here are some examples of both hereditary and congenital disorders below:

vonWillebrand’s Disease
Hip dysplasia
Patellar luxation

Trupanion does include coverage for both hereditary and congenital disorders. However, hip dysplasia is an optional add-on to coverage for pets who enroll in a Trupanion pet insurance plan before the age of 1.

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