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Dog Insurance Goes No Limits!

We at Trupanion are very excited to announce our ‘first in the industry’ dog insurance policy with no payout limits!

What does this mean for dog owners? For those already enrolled in Trupanion, your previous $20,000 lifetime payout limit is now unlimited. And for those who are just signing up, you won’t be bound to any lifetime payout limit should your pet be one of those medically unlucky pets.

[insert “oohs” and “aaahs” here]

Just in case you’re curious how other pet insurance companies instill payout limits, let me take a minute to explain. Payout limits are used to reduce an insurance company’s risk. You can see them in forms of annual limits, lifetime limits, per incident limits, or per illness category limits.

For example, a certain policy may state that they will only pay up to $1,500 per incident. Say, your dog gets cancer which costs you roughly $6,000. The most you would get reimbursed by the company for cancer treatments, diagnostic tests, etc. is $1,500, leaving you responsible for the remaining $4,500!

To put it simply, we really didn’t like the confusion and frustration that payout limits were causing amongst pet owners, so we just decided to eliminate them!

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