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Dogs and Chewing Gum – Warning

Is your dog or cat the “garbage chute” kind that will eat just about anything? Take caution and reconsider what your pet is getting into as many foods that are safe for humans can be poisonous to pets.

One of these foods is Xylitol which is a sugar substitute often found in chewing gum. If ingested, it can cause severely low blood sugar levels in your pet, leading to serious symptoms and even fatality. Symptoms include vomiting, depression, diarrhea, seizure, weakness, and collapse.

Pets should see the veterinarian immediately if they are suspected of Xylitol poisoning.

Cats and dogs do not need sugar or sugar substitutes, so it’s best to just keep all gum and candies out of their reach and away from their curious mouths.

dog chewing gum bubble

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