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Evolution of the Role of Pets

Yesterday I was reading The Huffington Post and saw an interesting piece by Wendy Diamond called The Future of Pets.  Among other things, the author discusses the change over time of the relationship between pets and humans and how, now that humans are increasingly isolated from direct or physical interaction with one another because of our reliance on technology, the needs of our pets increasingly fill our own needs for companionship and affection.   As Ms. Diamond says, “No text or email or call or tweet can compare to the affectionate warmth one feels when the cat decides it wants attention or the dog comes ambling to the door, thrilled that you simply came home…  Our pets need our real physical attention, and that is the greatest gift they can give us.”

She also explores the dramatic increase in recent years of the level of involvement and care that we provide our pets.  She doesn’t specifically mention pet insurance, but she does mention vet visits, and the falling number of incidences of pet euthanasia.  Immediately afterward, she lists some of the medical benefits to humans of owing pets.  Seems logical and fair that we would repay some of that by ensuring our pets can receive the best possible medical care, even if under normal circumstances we could not pay for an unexpected but necessary veterinary expense out-of-pocket.  That’s the huge benefit of pet insurance–for us as pet owners, for veterinarians who can offer increasingly sophisticated but often expensive care, and most importantly, for pets. 

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