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I Am Woman Hear Me Grrr

When we thought about getting a girl Kerry Blue, we heard all the warnings:

  • Kerry females are bossy
  • They’ll run the household
  • They’ll put your male dogs in their place
  • Oh those Kerry girls…

Quite frankly, female Kerries didn’t sound like a joy to be around. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case with Fiona. Yes, she definitely puts herself at the top of the dog pack, but she’ll quickly knock it off when I tell her to quit it.

Even as a puppy, Fiona (far left) let her brothers know who's in charge.

As a pup, she stood as gatekeeper, blocking the entrance to stairs, car or back door to the yard. My poor boys would stand there helpless.

She lets Finnegan know when he has a toy or chew that she wants by releasing a piercing cry that’s part gurgle, part shriek.

Her latest antic: when she comes home to the boys (from agility or a walk), she needs to reassert her queenliness in a not-so-nice way.


Wap! Wap!

Fiona reminds her brothers who’s boss by wapping them with her paws. Sometimes scuffles ensue.

Sigh. We’re working on this. Our solution so far: if we can get her to take a toy in her mouth, she’s less likely to react. Effective about 60% of the time.

Anybody else got a “queenly” female?

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