On Shelter Pets and Sockington Tweets

I mentioned in an earlier post the degree to which the experience of working at Trupanion has raised my awareness of shelter animals.¬†¬† Many of the dogs who come to work at Trupanion every day were adopted from shelters, and they all have sweet personalities.¬† I recognize that’s a generalization–their sweetness may have something to do with the fact that they were adopted by the types of people who want to work for a pet insurance company.¬† Nonetheless, becoming friends with Goldie, Ellie, Bennie, and Wicked has affected the way I think about getting another pet.

I want¬†another Pixie Bob kitten¬†(though I consider Cato irreplaceable), and think that if I did that I would¬†want two so they would have one another for companionship when the kids and I aren’t around.¬† I need to think about getting two kittens from a breeder, though, when there are shelter animals who need homes.

My son¬†just started¬†volunteering twelve hours per week¬†at an animal shelter.¬† He said he’s mostly cleaning out cages, but is enjoying getting to meet the animals.¬† When the summer is over he¬†will probably¬†have a definite opinion one way or the other about where we should look.

I just learned today about a famous shelter cat– Sockington.¬† His owner ghost-tweets as Sockington, and apparently does it so amusingly that Sockington¬†has a surprisingly large Twitter audience.¬†¬† Sockington¬†is entertaining, but has also been able to help¬†a fellow shelter cat-in-need by launching an online campaign.¬† If you’d like to read about Sockington, his “siblings,” and his owners “Fatty” and “Food Lady,” here’s the article in which I stumbled upon them.

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