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On Shelter Pets and Sockington Tweets

I mentioned in an earlier post the degree to which the experience of working at Trupanion has raised my awareness of shelter animals.   Many of the dogs who come to work at Trupanion every day were adopted from shelters, and they all have sweet personalities.  I recognize that’s a generalization–their sweetness may have something to do with the fact that they were adopted by the types of people who want to work for a pet insurance company.  Nonetheless, becoming friends with Goldie, Ellie, Bennie, and Wicked has affected the way I think about getting another pet.

I want another Pixie Bob kitten (though I consider Cato irreplaceable), and think that if I did that I would want two so they would have one another for companionship when the kids and I aren’t around.  I need to think about getting two kittens from a breeder, though, when there are shelter animals who need homes.

My son just started volunteering twelve hours per week at an animal shelter.  He said he’s mostly cleaning out cages, but is enjoying getting to meet the animals.  When the summer is over he will probably have a definite opinion one way or the other about where we should look.

I just learned today about a famous shelter cat– Sockington.  His owner ghost-tweets as Sockington, and apparently does it so amusingly that Sockington has a surprisingly large Twitter audience.   Sockington is entertaining, but has also been able to help a fellow shelter cat-in-need by launching an online campaign.  If you’d like to read about Sockington, his “siblings,” and his owners “Fatty” and “Food Lady,” here’s the article in which I stumbled upon them.

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