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Pet Health Concerns: Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is a condition that involves a lesion or swelling caused by abnormal growth of cells in the brain.  Brain tumor symptoms depend on the location of the tumor and in certain instances, there may not be any physical symptoms until the tumor has significantly increased in size. Symptoms may include behavioral changes and blindness. Diagnosis requires diagnostic tests such as MRI’s and CAT Scans. Tumors are typically treated with chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery if the tumor needs to be removed. Corticosteroids may also be used to manage swelling along with other medications, and even in severe cases, treatment can prolong the pet’s life. If you suspect that your pet may be ill or have a tumor, be sure to visit your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

To learn more about brain tumors and tumors in general, please visit our Pet Health Concerns Guide. By enrolling your pet with Trupanion pet insurance, your cat or dog’s policy will include coverage for diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, hereditary and congenital disorders, as long as treatment for a certain condition is required after enrolling and is not pre-existing.

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