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Why Eating Chicken Bones is Bad for Pets – Trupanion

Boy, have I got a doozy for you this week!

Sniper is a Miniature Schnauzer who couldn’t help but follow his nose to some tasty-smelling chicken bones. Unfortunately, pieces of the bones got stuck in his esophagus which required emergency surgery!

Luckily, Sniper’s dog insurance policy covered most of the costs for this unfortunate trip to the vet and his owner was able to opt for the best possible treatment without worrying about costs.

Pet insurance claim amount: $6,825.16
Deductible applied: -$500.00
Exam fee: -$149.00
10% co-pay: -$617.62
Trupanion repaid: $5,558.54

Pet insurance is a must for dogs and cats who are likely to eat anything. If you’ve got a curious cat or dog, or a brand new puppy or kitten that is unpredictable, we recommend you look into pet insurance and consider all of the possibilities.

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