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Pet News: Luxury Complexes Seek Pet Owners

Pet owners in the Twin Cities – and around the country, according to an apparent trend – will no longer have to sacrifice living in a luxury apartment for the joys of living with an animal. As reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, several complexes in the Minnesota capital have recently revamped themselves to be pet-friendly and attract the pet-owning market previously squeezed out by animal restrictions.

Blue is one such complex in Minneapolis, billing itself first and foremost on its website as “pet-friendly.” Pets are allowed in all Blue’s common areas, from the lobby to the tiki bar, and an enclosed off-leash park outside the building allows both dogs and owners to socialize with other tenants.

Most new urban luxury complexes are catering to the pet-owning population, aiming to draw in residents interested in city life but unwilling to part with their pet and the free lifestyle it can enjoy in the suburbs or rural areas. Many of these buildings have an “eight-leg policy,” allowing up to two pets (assuming they are of the four-legged dog-cat-etc. variety).

Beyond allowing pets in buildings that would normally have excluded them, these new complexes in Minnesota and elsewhere attract pet owners with amenities like enclosed dog parks and/or dog runs. Several new buildings in downtown Minneapolis feature on-site off-leash areas and even cleanup stations.

And it’s working – according to Blue, 65 percent of its residents are proud pet owners.

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