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Pet News: Money Matters in Decision to Insure

According to a recent poll, families across all incomes levels agree: when it comes to medical care for pets, money is an object.

The poll, conducted by the Associated Press and, found that 62 percent of pet owners surveyed would be likely to seek treatment for their sick or injured animal if the veterinary bill was over $500. But when the fees exceed $1,000, only 42 percent say they would be willing to pay. 35 percent would pay at $2,000 and only 22 percent would pay at $5,000.

For the most part, individuals earning over $50,000 per year had the same responses as those earning less than that benchmark.

And interestingly enough, though only about 5 percent of Americans own pet insurance, 27 percent of the poll’s respondents thought buying insurance for their family pet would be a good way to save money on veterinary costs.

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