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Pet News: Oil Spill Sends More Pets to Shelters

It isn’t just marine animals feeling the harmful fallout from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets from all over the Gulf region are being placed into shelters by families now unable to afford to care for them.

Pets of oil rig employees, fishermen, and other Americans affected by the massive spill are turning up in animal shelters all over the Gulf region. Many shelters are over capacity and are scrambling to find a way to house the new arrivals.

Donations are, of course, always welcome. Animal Rescue New Orleans is asking for donors for their Pet Retention Program, which for $25 a month provides families with food, medicine, veterinary care, and other resources necessary for the family to be able to keep their pet at home.

In the New Orleans area, many pets now too expensive to remain at home are being sent to the St. Bernard Parish animal shelter, which was nearly destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and rebuilt with help from the Humane Society. They are taking in donations of pet food from the Humane Society and others so that owners can just bring their pets by for meal time rather than be forced to leave them overnight.

Those interested in donating can go to,, or contact the Humane Society, among others.

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