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Pet of the Week: BobbyStoops

We’d love to introduce to you this awesome dog, newly insured with Trupanion, BobbyStoops!

BobbyStoops is a lively 1-year-old Pitt-mix who was recently rescued, not only by his owners but by a veterinarian as well.

His owner tells the story best:

“After losing our 13 year-old Husky, I was at [the vet] for an appointment. She showed me “Bolt”, now known as “BobbyStoops” and told me that he had been hit by a car and had some infections and lacerations, but no broken bones. She jokingly asked me if I wanted to take him home and adopt him. I told her the next dog I had would answer to “Bobby Stoops”, because I come from the great state of Oklahoma and am a Sooners Football fan.
“Bolt”, aka “BobbyStoops”, immediately ran over to me, barked and jumped on me once I said, “BobbyStoops”. Dr. Racek-Peters and her team (Angela, Tina, Dr. Maxwell, Rian, Rachel, Cathy and Andrea) nursed him back to health for the next month and we adopted him.”

This handsome young pup loves to play and run around in the backyard. He loves to play ball, but has also torn up a few flip flops and stuffed toys that crossed his path.

BobbyStoops is a big love who enjoys belly rubs and snores like an old man when he sleeps.

Also, his owner tells us “he’s a HUGE OU Sooners fan, as you can tell!”

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