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Pet of the Week: Chandler

This week, we’d like you to meed Chandler the Boxer. He is AKC registered and just one year old.

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Chandler is the poster boy for a happy dog. He’s loving, sweet, and happy-go-lucky and loves to spend time with people. His owner notes, “He is my constant companion and travels with us everywhere possible!” Chandler loves to nap on the couch during the day or anywhere close to his humans and gets to share their bed at night.

His owners make sure to feed him only high quality human food and he loves hamburgers, chicken, and turkey. He also loves chew toys and compressed bones. Chandler loves getting a daily jog and has a pet sitter who keeps him fit and in shape. Chandler knows the basic commands and will sit, settle, and stay on command. He understands a few simple words like ball, and toy.

His owner also told us, “His greatest assets are his beauty and his loving temperament!”

Chandler also has pet insurance with Trupanion. 🙂

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