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Meet Oscar the Long Hair Gray Cat – Trupanion

Oscar’s human mom tells a great story of the excitement of finding the pet that was just “meant to be” as I’m sure many of us can relate!

“My latest adoption (I had 4 cats before I adopted Oscar) was more than just love at first sight, it was just meant to be.  One day at work a copy of a local town newspaper was laying on the kitchen table.  I rarely to never flip through a newspaper like this but I had some spare time that day before lunch was over and decided to look through it.  I came upon an ad of a local pet rescue organization that was holding a pet adoption day that weekend.  Since I already had 4 cats I wasn’t at all interested in adopting another but with the tough economic times, the shelter was asking for food and blanket donations.  I wanted to do my part and donate a few bags and cans of cat food so I held onto the ad in the paper to remind me to pick up some extra food and drop it off during the weekend adoption event.

Later that day, I signed online to the animal shelter’s website to find a contact email to see if the shelter needed any particular food or other items.  While on the site, just out of curiosity I decided to click on their pet adoption info page and the rest, as they say, is history.  One of the first pictures I saw was of Oscar (his name at that time was Jude).  I immediately fell in love.  I didn’t notice until I read his bio that he was blind in one eye which made me fall in love with him even more.

When I contacted the lady at the shelter, I wanted to be certain Oscar would be there for me to meet on pet adoption day.  I’ll never forget when they took him out of the cage and handed him to me.  It was just meant to be.  I filled out the paperwork and less than a week later I went and picked him up from his foster mom’s house who gave me a little insight into how they found him.  Apparently the mother cat (a stray in the neighborhood) just left him on her aunt’s front porch one day.  His mother must have sensed something was wrong with him and decided to leave him behind.  I’ll never forget on the ride back home with my mom, I took Oscar out of the cage and put him on my lap.  He just stared up at me the whole ride back with what looked to be a big smile on his face.

Today, Oscar is a rambunctious 1 yr. old who just adores his new family.  I nicknamed him the ‘Little Mayor’ because he loves to socialize with anyone and everyone, human or animal, who comes into the house.  He loves to take rides in the car and go for ice cream and no matter where I go, he’s my little shadow.

Everyone feels sorry for him because of his one blind eye but I don’t and he doesn’t either.  Some things in life are just meant to be =)”

How lucky was Oscar to be adopted into a loving home? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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