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Pet of the Week: Rocko

Meet Rocko the orange Tabby cat! He’s about a year old and was adopted last December (and has been insured with Trupanion ever since 🙂 )

Rocko’s owners had originally planned on getting a gray/black Tabby but they couldn’t help but fall in love with Rocko.

His owner says, “Every time we walked by his cage he would wake up and look at us. Some other cats didn’t care if we were there or not, but Rocko took the time to care. That when my husband and I took him out to spend a little time with him and that was it, we were hooked.”

After deciding on their newest family member, the bought all the supplies and went home without their new cat. Up until taking Rocko home, the next day was very restless (as I’m sure many of us can relate)!

They have been a happy family ever since. Rocko has a unique personality and might get in trouble from time to time, but he is a sweetheart and he makes the family complete.

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