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Pet of the Week: Toughie

This week, we’ve got a heartwarming story for you about a little Yorkie-Poodle-Chihuahua mix called Toughie who lives up to his name.

His owner has had him ever since he was born in 1996. She has witnessed him survive dog attacks including one that left him with brain damage. Poor little Toughie was later diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Just a few weeks ago, on Memorial Day, Toughie suffered a heart attack most likely caused by his medications. His brave human mom performed doggie-CPR and was able to revive the little guy who is still alive today.

She says, “He is an amazing little dog & I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world!  I truly think at the very least he deserves to be Pet Of The Week, just for all the suffering he’s endured over the years. And did I mention he’s almost completely blind? He is my living, breathing, miracle!”

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