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Pet-Proof Your Home for New Puppies and Kittens

As grown humans, we have enough common sense not to chew on electrical cords or climb up to high surfaces from which we could easily fall. However, pets don’t think this way so it’s important to puppy- or kitten-proof your housebefore bringing your new little one home.

The first and major thing to consider is chewing.

Young pets have curious mouths and will test everything that can fit into it.

  • Be sure that your floors are free of small objects that your pet might snack on such as coins, jewelry, bottle caps, paper clips, or any other small items.
  • Secure electrical cords and cords for blinds so that they are out of reach.
  • Keep things like chocolate, gum, and prescription medications out of reach as well. Puppies have sharp teeth that can chew through tough packaging.
  • Purchase pet-friendly toys. Some children’s toys contain small parts such as eyes and buttons that can be swallowed by pets, so it’s best to stick to toys that were made for pets.

Also consider if your new pet is going to be a climber.

  • Keep all toilet lids closed, or keep doors to the bathrooms closed.
  • Always check your dryer before shutting the door and turning it on! Cats are known to find your warm clothes as a very nice place to nap.
  • Be sure your trash can isn’t easily accessible. If your pet is able to climb into it or tip it over, he could find all kinds of “yummy” snacks that will earn him a trip to the vet.

Other hazards:

  • Keep cleaning products and poisons secured in a cabinet or out of reach.
  • When cleaning, consider using all natural products

And lastly, be sure that your pet is microchipped and is wearing a collar just in case he should get lost. It might also be helpful to attach a bell to his collar for those early months so that you can always be aware of his whereabouts.

Got other pet-proofing tips? Let us know in the comments section!

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