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Pet Travel Tips: By Air

With summer just peaking around the corner, many of us are booking flights to visit family, friends, and other fun places! Traveling with your cat or dog can be quite fun, however it is important to plan ahead, know what to pack, and what to do when flying with your pet. Here are a few travel tips if you plan on flying with your cat or dog this summer:

-Visit your vet prior to your trip, preferably within 10 days of your departure and ask your vet for a health certificate. Some airlines may require it during certain points throughout your trip.

-Choose an airplane approved pet carrier that is also comfortable for your pet. There are soft and hard sided pet carriers that most pet stores carry. Make sure your pet fits comfortably inside to lay down and has proper ventilation. Give your pet some time prior to traveling to get accustomed to the new carrier. Also make sure to affix your name, address, and telephone number to the carrier.

-Bring a current photo of your pet . As a precaution, in case your pet may get separated from you, it will make it easier to identify your pet when found.

-Travel on the same flight as your pet. Be sure to ask your airline if you may watch your pet being loaded/unloaded below the cabin if your pet is too large to be in the main cabin.

Important things to pack: food, medicine (if applicable), treats, toys, bags (to pick up waste), leash, water bowl, pet identification, dog bed/blanket. Make sure your pet has its identification tags on their collar when traveling.

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Do you travel with your pet? Do you have any recommendations, experiences, or comments you would like to share?  If so, please share them with us! We wish you safe travels this summer and have fun with your pets!

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