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Pets In the Workplace Etiquette

I’ve seen lots of different articles in the recent news about Take Your Dog To Work Day which is this Friday. A good one I read was from the Baltimore Sun which provided some great key pointers to consider when bringing a pet to work.

Survey the scene. Before you bring your dog to the office, take a look around and pet-proof your space. Secure all cabinets and trash cans that contain food. Remove anything smaller than a tennis ball or items within your pet’s reach that have sharp edges or could be a choking hazard. Cover exposed electrical cords or outlets to prevent burns and electrocution as the result of chewing.

Behavior. You should only take well-trained and housebroken dogs to the office. Make sure your pup is socialized and safe around strangers. If your dog is unnerved by changes in environment or social situations, the attention and strange noises involved associated with an office may cause your dog undue stress.

Health. You would stay home from work if you were sick and so should your dog. If your pooch has a contagious condition, leave him at home. It is also very important to make sure all of his vaccinations are up to date.

Hygiene. Make sure your pup is clean and well-groomed before you take him to work. A dirty dog might cause complaints from co-workers.

Bring the necessities. Make sure you have the necessities with you, such as bowls, food, quiet chew toys, treats, clean up bags and a leash.

Supervise! Supervise your dog at all times. Be mindful of people who might be afraid of your dog and those who are allergic to him.

Pets will behave differently at your workplace than they do at home. While they may be an angel at home, they may experience stress and anxiety at your office so it’s important to take this into consideration.

A few other tips that we have learned from personal experience with dogs in the office here at Trupanion are:

  • Keep quiet: If you notice your dog is a whiner or barker, it may be best to take him back home at lunchtime.
  • Keep areas and walkways clear. Scattered pet toys can create a walking hazard.
  • Reconsider bringing intact pets (those that are not spayed or neutered). Other pets may react differently to an intact dog, and there is also greater chance of forms of aggression.

Got any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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