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Roku the Cat’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

Pet Name: Roku
Treated For: Lymph node and Gastrointestinal Biopsies for Vomiting/Diarrhea
Total Repaid: $3,468.77

A few months ago we adopted brother and sister twin kittens. Being a new pet owner I was new to the idea of pet insurance. I was offered a free 30 day trial of Trupanion and decided to give it a try. Not even two weeks later, I came home to find one of my cats, Roku, extremely sick. He had vomited and barely had enough energy to lift his head from where he was lying. Our vet recommended bringing him into the clinic immediately. After being examined, Roku’s blood pressure was dangerously low and the vet was concerned. To complicate matters it was Friday and the vet clinic was closed for the weekend. At my vet’s recommendation I took Roku to an emergency clinic where they had to perform emergency surgery for a possible blocked intestine. They had strong suspicions that he might have swallowed a foreign object or that he had contracted FIP (feline intestinal paracytosis) which is a deadly disease in cats. So one surgery and multiple tests later, the clinic bill had skyrocketed to over $4000. Not exactly the kind of money you keep lying around. I was freaked out by the bill but knew that I had the Trupanion trial. After submitting my claim, I was reimbursed for 90% of the entire bill, no questions asked. I had the check in my hands before the charge was even printed on my credit card statement. All of this and I hadn’t even made my first monthly payment to Trupanion.

Roku completely recovered from his surgery and is totally healthy today. Who knows how things would have gone if I was reluctant to get the procedures he needed to get better because I couldn’t afford them. Needless to say I have kept my monthly Trupanion service and would recommend their insurance to anyone. I’ve never experienced an insurance company that was easier to deal with. They truly care about pets and pet owners.

Tara M.

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