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Should You Get Cat Insurance?

Well I think the answer is pretty obvious, but if you still need some persuasion here are some reasons why you should get cat insurance with Trupanion.

1. You will be coolest pet owner in town once your cat is sporting an awesome little Trupanion tag on their collar.

2. You will have the ability to sleep at night without stressing about how you are going to pay that vet bill that costs the same amount as your mortgage.

3. If your kitty is under one, you have the opportunity to pay a little extra for hip dysplasia coverage.

4.You can go to any veterinarian you want.

5. There aren’t any limits on claims, so if your furry friend injures itself from getting stuck in a tree, no need to stress. You are covered.

6. Lucky for you, just because your cat turns one year older, it does not get penalized by an increase of premium. If there is a raise in your premium, it is due to the increased costs of veterinary care.

I think reason number 1 should be the only incentive to get cat insurance. I mean, those collar tags are pretty sweet and something you should definitely brag about. All joking aside, cat insurance is important. Those who have it, if I had the ability to hand out stickers to you, you all would get a gold star! 🙂

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