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The Best Time to Purchase Cat Insurance

I know that many of you readers currently have cat insurance for your cats. But for those who are researching the best time to invest in some cat insurance, this is the place for you.

Depending on the pet insurance company, you may get charged a little bit more (a premium) each year just because your pet gets older. With Trupanion pet insurance, this is not the case! We do not increase our premiums due to pet aging. In our eyes, that is not fair because you cannot prevent your cat from getting a year older every year. To see who charges an additional premium on their policy, check out the Compare Pet Insurance Charts.

In this case, you will notice that the best time to get cat insurance for your cat is in fact when they are a kitten! With Trupanion, you can enroll your kitten as young as 8 weeks old and if they are younger than 1 year old, you can choose to have an optional coverage for hip dysplasia as well. Even though hip dysplasia is not as common as it is in dogs, it is still apparent.

Even though your cat may be a little older, this does not mean you shouldn’t get cat insurance. Cat insurance is great for cats of any age but to save the most money in the end and to protect your kitty, the best time to get cat insurance is when they are younger because unfortunately, Trupanion does not cover pre-existing conditions (conditions that are present before enrollment).

Check out the homepage and if you do not already have cat insurance, do a free quote! It’s fun to play with the deductible scroll and control how much you will be paying for your premium!

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