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Top 10 "Friends" Pet Names

As the famous “Friends” television show theme song goes, “I’ll be there for you…” and so will your pet! After sifting through our pet insurance database, we found the top ten pet names related to the television show, “Friends”. I’m sure these pets all make great pals too!

  1. Ben (Ross’s son)friends dogs faces television show
  2. Emma (Ross and Rachel’s baby)
  3. Joey
  4. Phoebe
  5. Gunther
  6. Chandler
  7. Marcel (Ross’s pet monkey)
  8. Rachel
  9. Ross
  10. Monica

No matter what your best pet friend’s name is, you know he’s a friend for life. Does your pet have a name after a TV show or a famous person? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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