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In 1999, two middle-aged women – Nancy Houser and Sandra Marquiss – starting out working with dogs, llamas, cats, goats and anything that happened to wander into their old farm yard. With a few breeding dogs, life was basically pretty simple. But eventually things began to take place that neither woman expected. Neighbors, people from town, and dog breeders began bringing dogs to them that were ill, had behavior problems, were very elderly, or were unwanted. Dogs were dumped in the middle of the night on the highway that ran past their place. Life quit being simple.

Figure 1: JJ was born to an abusive mother who tried to kill her every time she nursed. It has taken us three years to get her to eat comfortably – but only out of our hands or a spoon.

With a background as CNAs and Medical Aides for the State of Nebraska, they were called for emergency puppy whelpings, sick dogs and many other things. Pretty soon, they were overwhelmed. Today, they have 29 dogs to care for with behavior problems, very elderly, or are unwanted – long since leaving the breeding business.

Some examples of the daily cares are J.J. (Joyful Jasmine), a Shiba Inu who refuses to eat – requiring four feedings a day from a small spoon; little Buttons, an elderly Rattie who is so shy and retired, she needs special care and is just now coming into her own at ten years of age.

There is also little Tilly Mae, a Rat Terrier-Pomeranian hybrid puppy who was born at two ounces, and today at full growth weighs only three pounds. She thinks she is a one-owner dog – and now belongs only to Nancy. Holly Higgins, a little black and tan long-haired doxie, was born at 1 1/2 ounces with a parrot mouth, being tube-fed until she was over three months of age and decided she wanted to live.

Figure 2 Little Tilly Mae, born at two ounces, is a timid little dog with a great big bark – acting like the watchdog of the home!

She requires a special diet and way to eat to work with her parrot mouth. Barbie – a Miniature American Eskimo – was taken out of a breeding mill about 7 years ago. She runs loose and is over 26 years of age, only recently slowing down. Trixie – a large red 17-years old Pomeranian – was rescued from a breeding mill and has learned to slowly adjust to running free with the girls. Today, she sleeps at the bottom of Nancy’s bed with a few of the other girls. Of course, these are just a few of the dogs who fill their days!

Way Cool Dogs was begun to better inform the public on dog care. Most of the dogs who are in shelters are there because of lack of knowledge about dogs – and we are here to solve that problem as much as we can. The problems we have, we assume you have also.

Way Cool Dogs  is located in Central Nebraska – a blog full of dog information, lots of photographs; dog health and research related articles; dog product reviews; guest posts; and up-to-date dog news and information.

Another part of Way Cool Dogs is the recent development of  NE PETS Meals on Wheels – a hub of NE volunteers throughout the state helping struggling Nebraska families and individuals who have pets and have lost their job, are elderly, have health problems, or are disabled. (Click on the picture to the right for more information)

Becoming part of our blog audience helps our dogs by showing support. Not only can you have our daily posts downloaded to your computer every day, but we also Twitter under “waycooldogs”. We hope to see you there!

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