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Why We Should Pay for Dog Insurance

The intention of dog insurance is to save money on veterinary visits due to emergency vet visits, unexpected dog injuries, dog illness and dog diseases. It’s at these moments that it becomes clear we should pay for dog insurance even though it may seem unaffordable at the time. Every day in a dog owner’s life has the opportunity to present unique health challenges and concerns that are usually unprepared for.

The problem with dog insurance is that the United States has varied policies on dog health insurance regarding monthly costs, deductibles, pre-existing conditions, and breeds that can be covered.  This has left many dog owners shying away from purchasing dog insurance. However, with senior dogs living much longer, a higher obesity rate in older dogs developing, age-related dog problems and younger dogs needing preventive care, it now makes sense to at least check on numerous dog insurance companies based on specific needs of the family dog[s].

Dog insurance is a new option for dog owners, and one that the average ordinary citizen feels they cannot afford once it became available.Many veterinarians are unable to afford to take on new dog customers without upfront cash payments or dog insurance coverage per visit, emergency or not. It has come to the point where not having good dog insurance means the dog[s] cannot be taken to the vet to save its life, or vet bills will quickly accumulate, becoming serious financial burdens for the average dog owner. Other dog insurances are necessary to cover dog bites or property damage to someone’s yard or pet. Certain high-risk dogs or aggressive dogs require dog insurance in order to protect their owner, if it is available. It is getting to the point if you have a dog, you need dog insurance for a multitude of reasons.

There are several ways to find dog insurance that is not only affordable but covers specific needs of the household to keep their dog happy and content. The priority is to make sure a comparison is done on several pet insurance plans at once, before deciding on one. Many dog insurance companies require you go to any licensed veterinarian and pay for the services directly to the vet. The next step requires a one-page claim form to be faxed or emailed with the paid receipt. Many dog insurance companies cover an 80% reimbursement (estimate of coverage), the services covered can be accident, illness, wellness or another plan they offer. Similar to health insurance policies of people, many dog insurance companies have a $100 annual deductible per pet. Free quotes can be found online within minutes based on the breed and its age, the type of coverage wanted, and the location of the dog owner.

Nancy L. Young-Houser is a freelance writer from Central Nebraska. She is author of Way Cool Dogs and has her writings online at Writings by Nancy Houser.

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