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Best Buddies Giveaway: Honorable Mentions

We LOVED this giveaway because it’s sooo cute to see pets getting along with other pets, or just snuggling up with their favorite toy 🙂

So thanks to everyone who posted a picture to enter this giveaway. Though all pictures were absolutely adorable, we wanted to share a couple of our favorites.

Winner with the most likes:

Kisses! Lucy and Bella from Ginny C.

Winner of the random drawing:

Boo and Reba from Juanita A.

Honorable mentions:

Sunny and Jade cuddling, from Danielle C.
Bunny snuggles! Newman posted by Gregg D.
Cats first! Black Cat, Scruffy, Bogey from Jeanne G.
Biskit and Wonkie from Debbie B.

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