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Blog the Change for Animals – Baby Steps

Blog the ChangeAnimal lovers: today is the day to support animals in need and Trupanion encourages you to start with baby steps!

There are millions of animals out there without a loving home. It’s time to make a change, and each one of us can do something.

Baby Steps:

We’re not asking you to commit to a lot, just one simple thing.

  • Purchase a can of pet food and bring it to your local shelter
  • Purchase a couple toys or other supplies (leashes, poo bags, food bowls, towels, etc.) to donate
  • Decide one day or a couple of hours to devote to volunteering
  • Go online and donate a few dollars to a rescue organization

Every little bit counts.

(I (Stacy) just now hopped on the website of my favorite local pet shelter and donated $5 through a form that they have right on their website and it took less than 3 minutes!)

Leave a comment and tell us what you did or are planning to do to make your small change!


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