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Can I get dog insurance if I don’t have full medical records?

This is actually a pretty common question that I get. For those people who adopt pets from shelters who may be a few years old, and were found as strays, they’re not really sure what to do.

I can’t answer for certain on behalf of any of our competitors, but I can let you know how Trupanion works. When you adopt a dog from a shelter, yes you can get Trupanion dog insurance. If you then make a claim, we’ll just request whatever records are available for your pooch.

In almost all cases (actually, I can’t think of a situation where this wouldn’t be the case), when dogs are brought into a shelter, they are immediately checked by the veterinaian. At that point, records would be made and the vet would make any notes of any conditions present at that time.

Of course at this point, any conditions that the vet found would become pre-existing and not covered under Trupanion’s pet insurance plan.

From one shelter dog mom to another: adopt away!

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