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Cat Insurance for Abyssinian Cats!

The history of the Abyssinian cats rumored to have began in Egypt. It has been said that the breed started off with a sacred Egyptian cat named Zula who was brought from a British soldier back to England. Regardless of where the Abyssinian cat originated from, we are glad to have it here!

abyssinian cat 2Physical Characteristics: Abyssinians have a medium-long body, in which you can see its muscular body. It comes in a variety of colors, like sorrel, blue, ruddy, and fawn. The coat is very soft and silky. When you touch the coat, it is fine and resilient.

Personality Characteristics: This breed is very friendly especially to strangers and they love their pet owners. Abyssinians are very active cats and loves to play. They will purr until they get your attention, and are most likely not in the same spot you last saw them. Since Abyssinians are so energetic, make sure you have them enrolled with some cat insurance because you don’t know what they might get into!

If you don’t have an Abyssinian, find your breed on the Trupanion Cat Breed guide!

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