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Cat Insurance for Plant-Loving Cats!

Having a garden is a great thing to have. Although you have to be wary of some plants and flowers that can affect your cats!

For example, the daffodil plant, although extremely beautiful, can be very toxic to your little furry friend. Daffodils contain alkaloids in which can have fast symptoms (as quick as fifteen minutes) upon intake. You have to be very careful with the bulb of the daffodil because that is the most toxic part of the flower to a cat.  Some signs of intoxication includes vomiting and diarrhea. If there are large amounts are consumed than the symptoms can worsen and  tremors and convulsions may appear.

Just in case your cat does get into a daffodil bed, be sure that you have cat insurance. Cat insurance with Trupanion will help you when feline friends gets into thing that they are not suppose to. You don’t want to regret that you wished you had some insurance! Continue to garden those pretty little flowers, but keep an eye watch on your cats and make sure you contact your vet if any symptoms do arise!

Photo courtesy of: The First Daffodils

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