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Cat Insurance to Prolong Your Kitty’s Life

So the average life expectancy for a cat can range from nine years old up to fifteen years old. Years before that, the life expectancy was much lower. The reasoning is because there is now much more advanced technology that can help save your kitty from illnesses and broken bones. Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what was the oldest cat that has ever lived. So I Googled “oldest cat” hoping to find the Guinness World Record to pop up. And it didn’t. But I did run across some interesting websites.

Looking at all these websites, it looks like Crème Puff, who originates from Austin, Texas was born in 1967 and passed away 3 days after its 38th birthday was the oldest cat that lived. I also have read that there are some other cats who range in age between 18-30 years old.

How amazing would that be if your cat could live that long?! Although, as your cat gets older, it can be prone to sickness and can acquire some type of disease. With this, the cost of treating your cat can be pretty pricey and unfortunately some people have to make the decision and euthanize their furry friend. With Trupanion cat insurance, you don’t have to make this tough decision! Having insurance for your cat can definitely help out, especially with Trupanion, you can go to any vet and insure that your cat will have the best medical care it can receive. Also, since the change of the payout limit from $20,000 to no limit, it gives you and your feline even more coverage! Just make sure you enroll before they reach the age of 14!

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